First Run of My Training Plan!

I have officially started my training plan! I am very enthusiastic about beginning this challenge, so I started today off with my first run outside in Ann Arbor since October. Even though it is April 1st and spring should be already here, it was a chilly (but sunny) 30 degrees with a decent amount of wind. Despite weather conditions that would normally keep me inside on the treadmill, I decided I needed to get out and run in the fresh air to start off my training. So I put on a hat, running tights, gloves, and jacket to do a 3.66 mile run around the UM campus and downtown Ann Arbor. The run felt harder than my usual winter treadmill runs because I am not used to hills or the cold air, which shows in my slightly slower pace but I don’t mind! My goal is to finish so I am not focusing on a time goal.

My plan for tomorrow is to do some cross-training + strength training but I am not sure what I am in the mood to do just yet. I will decide in the morning!

Overall, a great (but cold) start to my training.