I completed my first long run this Saturday and it was a success! Long runs are the part of training that I am most excited and nervous about, so I was very pleased with this run. My half marathon plan had 5 miles on the agenda but I ended up going farther because I felt so good! Unfortunately, my GPS cut out for about 0.5 miles (my best guess based on the time) but I figured it didn’t hurt to go a little father than I was anticipating. Luckily, I had mapped out my route ahead of time through Map My Run so I knew the relative distance of the path I took. I ran from my apartment to the UM hospital, through Main St. in Ann Arbor, and around campus, which allowed me to see a lot of interesting things (including a security guy barreling along on a moped, the Ann Arbor farmers market, and some early risers to Hash Bash). 


After I got back to my apartment, I made sure to stretch out my legs and do some foam rolling so I didn’t get too sore. Based on the way I feel today, I think the stretching helped out a lot! I am going to make sure I stretch before and after my runs really well because I have read multiple running experts saying it is critical to avoiding injury. On the agenda for tomorrow is 4 miles, which I plan to complete outside.