I woke up this morning at 7 am to dark skies and pouring rain, which meant that my 4 mile run scheduled for today would be done on the treadmill! I decided to try out the treadmill GPS option on my Nike app and compare it with what the treadmill calculated. I have heard that treadmills tend to underestimate your distance and overestimate the amount of calories you burn. However, I am also unsure about how accurate the Nike GPS app is on my iPhone because it can overestimate OR underestimate based spotty coverage in areas.

So the question is: who do I trust? The treadmill or the Nike app?

My answer: neither one of them! After my run I reviewed both sources and saw that they varied by 1 mile. I could not believe how different the results were so I decided to compromise: I am guessing I did 4.5miles at 6mph 0% incline but who knows?

Nike App:Image



The treadmill (includes 1 min walking warm-up + 2 min cool down):Image


Finally, since I ran farther than I was expecting, I figured that carbo-loading for lunch was a good idea. Isn’t that what runners are supposed to do?