The title of this post explains the theme of my long run this week: it was a shit show. I should preface this update by saying that I really should have done this run tomorrow based on my schedule and the weather but I really wanted to get out there today…so I did it anyways.

So why was it a shit show?
1.) It was windy…really WINDY! The temperature was in the 40’s and the wind was gusting around 40mph too. Running up hill when the wind is blowing in your face so hard that you can’t breathe or hear the music is NOT fun.
2.) I ran through a puddle of mud and splashed mud in my shoes and up my leg.
3.) I barely managed to dodge a huge puddle of puke on the sidewalk (most likely from someone partying too hard last night)
4.) the GPS on my app did not work again (add on .38 miles to this photo).
4.) I learned I cannot chew when I run. Okay, I know this is a random addition but I decided to try to eat on my run for the first time. I put some raisins in a bag and tucked them in the back of my pants (I know, it sounds weird and probably looked weird too). I wanted to practice eating because I knew my 7 mile run would be longer than an hour (I read that you should refuel during a run if it will be equal or greater than 70 minutes). However, I learned through trial and in this case ERROR that I am unable to chew while running…it was disastrously hilarious and hopefully no one saw me.

All in all, this run was a semi-failure but guess what? I still did my scheduled 7 miles and I am so happy that I stuck with it. I am not going to lie that it was hard and I cursed many times but I think overcoming these struggles is important to running and life.