I intended to do my scheduled 4.5 miler this morning but ended up doing over 5 miles. No, I didn’t add the mileage on purpose but got REALLY lost. I was  forced to run farther and with a lot more/bigger hills than I had originally planned because I am incapable of remembering and following directions. I woke up this morning to the sun shining and chilly temps (30’s) but I was feeling excited to run. I checked Map My Run and memorized the directions for a new route that was the perfect distance. I have no idea where or how but I missed a crucial street to turn on and ended up running on the wrong street for an embarrassingly long amount of time. I didn’t realize how far off I was until I reached a merge sign to head onto a highway – oops!

In the end, was this a bad thing? No – I did have to stop and check my phone GPS to find out how to get back to my apartment but that was a minor hiccup. I ended up finding a beautiful trail that follows the Huron River, which I definitely run again. I think the worst part of getting lost was that I had to run REALLY big hills to get back but honestly that is a good addition to my training.