My long run today is officially the longest distance I have ever run and the mileage will only go up from here! Honestly, I was nervous about the distance and whether I could accomplish it because 8 miles was an intimidating distance for me. I decided to lay out my clothes and my pre run snack (applesauce and raisins) the night before to get myself motivated. For the first time, I brought a small water bottle and a chocolate energy GU gel with me on my run because I knew I would running around 80-90 minutes. This was a great decision and I am SO happy I brought them with me. I officially LOVE GU gels! I am incapable of chewing while running so the gel was perfect for refueling in small increments on the run, plus they taste delicious. I know the sound of “chocolate gel” is not super appealing but I swear it was really good! 

I honestly really enjoyed this run! Also, I beat my fastest 10k time which felt like the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae! The weather today was close to perfect and I ended up running 8.5 miles with .5 miles of a walking cool down. Right now, I am perpetually hungry and simultaneously chained to my bed… 


The beautiful University of Michigan campus (I took this photo on my walk):Image



My Route: Image