The past week has been busier than usual with moving back home for the summer and going to Colorado for my cousin’s wedding, so I am fitting two runs in one post!


My 9 mile long run last Friday was my first run at home for the summer and it was HOT! I knew the weather would be in the 90’s so I tried to wake up early to avoid the heat but was only 50% successful. I had mapped my run around Balboa Park the night before but realized my starting point was not accurate. I figured I would need to wing it a little bit but that’s part of the fun sometimes. I started my run at 7:30am, finished by 9am (it was 80 degrees by then!), and was VERY happy to be finished. This was my first run with my new running gadgets too:

a 10 oz amphipod water bottle (I LOVE THIS!) It has a pocket that is perfect for my keys and gel


I also tried out my Strawberry Cliff Shot Blocks which were not as difficult to eat as the raisins but I definitely prefer the Chocolate Gu gels. Honestly, this run was not easy and I had a difficult time finding my groove. Even though it was a flat path, the previous day of travel and the heat definitely wore me down but I didn’t quit until those 9 miles were done.

ImageWhile I was in Colorado, I went on a 4.5 mile run around the hotel and this run was also difficult but for a different reason – I forgot that the high altitude in the Denver area would  slow me down. I ended up with a headache and feeling dehydrated after the run, which was not pleasant but I do not regret sticking to my training plan. Hopefully I will start to get in more of a rhythm with my training back at home, like I did in Ann Arbor, because I thrive on routine 🙂