A Growing Fear of Hills

My run on Tuesday was a little slower than normal because my legs were feeling sore and I also tried to incorporate more hills. I knew when I signed up for the Pasadena Half Marathon that it was hilly but I found out this weekend HOW hilly. I looked online at the elevation chart for the route and discovered that a significant portion of the race is uphill (a 350ft change in elevation). I am not going to lie, this has really intimidated me because I have not been running routes that incorporate hills like these. Even though I have reached the 10 mile mark, I have been running on mostly flat routes. I don’t mind running hills that are steep but over with quickly, however I do not like running a long period of time uphill (I mean who would say that they do?). I know I need to start incorporating more hills into my run to be prepared, but that is not something I feel motivated to do.
So for this run I added more hills (approachable ones) and will gradually add more. I need to remember that with an uphill, there will be a downhill…well hopefully there will be one!