ImageThis weekend I was reminded of how thankful I am to be able to run and the joy running gives me. I started my weekend off right with a long run in Pasadena around the Rose Bowl and Arroyo Seco trail. I was apprehensive about this long run because of the hills but I knew I needed to tackle my fear by seeing what Pasadena (where my half marathon will take place) was all about and I am so happy that I did! I loved running along the Arroyo Seco trail/Rose Bowl and I am really pumped for my half now. I ran directly towards the big hills and honestly enjoyed the challenge of getting to the top. Now, I feel like I can actually do this half and finish, which was a real concern for me last weekend. 

ImageToday, I ran 5 miles around Balboa Park and this run was extra special because I had some company – my dad! My dad prefers to ride bikes rather than run, so we split off, did our own thing, and met back together at the end of our workouts. It is always a great motivator having someone there to get you out the door!