Happy Memorial Day!

After my long runs, I normally take a full day off but this weekend I took a hot yoga class on Saturday and my body definitely feels a difference. On Sunday, I did my normal 5 mile run (with my dad on the bike) and a 40 minute strength routine, but this time I felt exhausted later in the day. It was a little beyond that “good” tired feeling and bordering on zombie tired. For me, this was a flashing warning sign that I really needed a rest day – I ended up sleeping 10 hours last night! This morning I woke up and did a yoga youtube video for 30 minutes and foam rolling (OUCH!). I have a really difficult time resting because running/working out is what keeps me grounded. I love the feeling of being active! Even when I know I need to rest to avoid injury and burnout, I cannot turn off my mind and I get so antsy! It is so important to remember that rest and recovery days are just as important as the other parts of training. So my answer is that I am going to channel my excess energy into something productive…cleaning!