This week has two of my favorite made up holidays: National Running Day and National Doughnut Day! Unfortunately, my schedule did not permit running on National Running Ray but I am definitely celebrating National Doughnut Day in style…

ImageBack to the running – This week I have lightened up my running in preparation for my 10k Pride Run Race on Sunday. On Tuesday early morning (5:30am!), I did a quick 3 mile run around my house. Even though I was half asleep, it was refreshing to get up with the sunrise. Today, I stuck to my normal running schedule and did my long run around a new area of a Balboa Park/Sepulveda basin. I ended up doing a flat 9-miler around the beautiful wildlife reserve and park. The weather was perfect, I listened to an informative/entertaining/inspiring podcast, and I had a glass of chocolate milk and doughnut waiting to be eaten when I got home!