ImageToday was a special running day because I ran in the 5k/10k Pride Run West Hollywood! I am not going to lie, I woke up this morning not super excited to run, let alone race. However, I am so glad that I got out of bed early on a Sunday morning because this race ended up being a great running accomplishment for me. I signed up for this race a month ago to get me excited for my half marathon that is coming up in two weeks and it has definitely had its intended effect on me!

Now unto the race details…The weather was overcast and in the 60’s – aka perfect running weather. The course was relatively flat with rolling hills and covered the area where the Pride Parade was to going to happen later in the day. The first mile of the race was mentally challenging and I felt out of wack. I thought I was the last/slowest person in the whole race, as I was getting passed by a lot of people (or at least it felt like a lot of people).  However, after that 1st mile I started to gain momentum and I realized that I was the one passing people. The feeling of competition really helped me pick up and maintain my speed. Once I realized that I was averaging a 9min/mile for more than 3 miles and I would be able to finish under an hour, I decided to book it. And guess what? I got a new 10k PR of 55:02!

Overall the race was really fun – I enjoyed seeing the drag queens and rainbow gear along the route. I also appreciated having my parents be there to cheer me on and take pictures of my start and finish. You guys are the best 🙂