Slow and Steady

The theme of my long run this week is definitely slow and steady. I went out to the Arroyo Seco Trail in Pasadena for the second time in my training. I tried a new scenic route with a few rolling hills – nothing too challenging. When I first started running, I didn’t think I would be able to complete the 10 miles I had set out to do. I felt like I was breathing hard, despite my slow pace, and I had low energy. However when I opened up my chocolate Gu gel at around 5 miles, I started to perk up. I think my breakfast, which was part of a luna bar instead of my usual applesauce with nuts and raisins, may have had something do with my blah feeling. It was definitely a reminder to stick to what I know works for me! I ended up finishing my 10.25 miles strong and walked for a little bit to enjoy the beautiful California weather.

Also, I have a confession: those chocolate Gu gels that I raved about before are starting to get old…really old. I need to switch up the flavor/fuel for my last long run next week so I don’t go crazy when I have a chocolate Gu on race day…