Since my half marathon is two weeks away, I am starting to enter into the taper phase of my training, which means gradually reducing my weekly mileage. While my original half marathon training plan only has a one week taper, I have decided to follow the advice of other respected running sources and do a two week taper. This week I plan to scale back my weekly mileage distance by 30% and the following week by 50%. While this stage can be mentally challenging for many runners because it goes against the “go, go go” attitude of training, it is really important to rest your body for the best performance on race day. At this point, I feel like I have been training for this race for a long time so I am welcoming the little break. However, I have a feeling this may change when I truly enter the tapering phase and go against my instinct of doing more miles. In an effort to combat this feeling, I am planning to shift my focus from miles to practicing better running form, more efficient, zen-like breathing, and increasing my protein intake (which has been lacking the past few weeks). 


This morning I was lucky enough to begin celebrating Father’s Day with my dad by going to Balboa Park for our weekly run/cycle outing. He did his thing on the bike, while I ran 5 miles on my usual route. It was a wonderful way to spend some time with my amazing dad! I am so proud of him and his renewed dedication to cycling. He is actually going to start his own training program for a bike race that is part of the Long Beach Marathon/Half Marathon (I will be running in the half marathon) in October 2014!