After months of preparation and training, the day has finally come for me to run my first half marathon! It is a surreal feeling that my race is tomorrow morning but I am ready to embrace the heat, muscle fatigue, and joy of my longest running distance yet. I have been taking it really easy this week with two 3 mile runs, a hike, and lots of yoga. I hope that my body cooperates with me tomorrow especially since it is going to be hot. I am planning on being extra careful about taking in enough water and electrolytes so dehydration doesn’t make the race seem like a punishment. I picked out my clothes and gear this morning so when I wake up bright and early tomorrow at 4:45 am, I will be ready to run! My only goal for tomorrow is to finish so I don’t feel nervous or pressured, just ready to have a good time! Honestly, the only thing I am caught up on is what to eat afterwards. Should I have a doughnut? Should I stay healthy and drink multiple fruit smoothies? I have no idea, so I am going to postpone my post race meal decision until after I cross the finish line. I will also try to keep this in mind while running…


To round out the end of this post, I want to express how appreciative I am for everyone who has supported me along the way. Also, I apologize to all my friends and family who have listened to my ramblings about running for the past few months. Training for my first half marathon has been a tiring experience but more fun than I could have imagined. Tomorrow will not be easy but I am ready to accomplish my goal!