The next chapter

Although this photo has nothing to do with running, I really wanted to share it! I have been working really hard in my summer school class, so I feel like joining this cat right about now.

Moving onto the running…I am slightly changing my weekly running routine post-half marathon to maintain my endurance and weekly mileage. I am doing the Long Beach half marathon on October 13th and I want to hopefully get a PR! For this next round of half marathon training I am using Runner World’s free SmartCoach program. I stumbled upon it while browsing the internet and it is a great option. I like it because it makes a personalized plan based on how many miles you run weekly, how hard you want to train, the day you want your long run to be, and the training plan length. My new training plan consists of running 4 days/week (up from 3 days/week), incorporating speedwork and tempo runs (brand new addition!), and long runs (know ’em and love ’em). In addition to running, I am doing strength training 2-3 days/week and yoga. So far I really like this new schedule, but it is definitely a transition running back to back days and doing speed work. I think I will get more used to it after a few weeks but right now, it is a challenge!

There are more running details to come…